My Father, Cecil W. Martin, has been deeply involved with lapidary work for almost 50 years.  There have been many facets of the lapidary field that have attracted his interest, but one of his specialties of the lapidary art to which he has dedicated much has been the ancient art of stone intarsia.   Intarsia is created by shaping flat pieces of stone and affixing them to other shaped pieces of stone so as to create a picture or a mosaic.

Here are some examples of this ancient art of intarsia that Cecil has created:

Graphic1.jpg (37994 bytes)         Graphic4.jpg (73532 bytes)         Graphic3.jpg (62646 bytes)         Graphic2.jpg (29436 bytes)  


This page is dedicated to a Great Man, a teacher, a friend and a loving Father.  My Father passed away today, March 2, 2001.

He will be Truly missed by all.

My Dad is listed in a CD by Dennis Batt the title is

American Masters of Stone

Edition 1.0